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Volkswagen Kombi Makeover

Chris and Kate took on a project that has become a "hol(e)y" adventure.  The challenge for Geoff was to complete the project so that the "new" vehicle was resplendent in red after removing all the holes and rust. Here are some excerpts from their web notes:

"I found Rocky on Ebay, sitting in a second hand car yard on the Northern side of Adelaide. Initial inspection revealed a few things: engine was stuffed, some rust, interior was stuffed.... perfect! I wanted this as I have paid too much for promised reco motors and rust-proofed bodies before, only to find that I was flat out lied to...at least Rocky was honest, although on his death bed.

"My beautiful but crazy wife, Kate, went out there, made an offer and bought me the Kombi! How could I ask for more in marriage. So the idea was to do a full restoration before attempting to get rego on the old bus, which we had dubbed Rocky as he was still punching although obviously close to death several times...

"Queensland..... A few dramas along the way, nothing too major, just boiled a battery due to yet another voltage regulator failing!

"I had been ringing around a few places, trying to get ideas and advice... Unfortunately most of the local guys just want insurance work and mine work. So I was losing faith of even checking out anyone local, when I remembered a guy who approached me at a service station at Boyne Island over a year ago, I had only been here a few days, having driven up from Adelaide, staying with friends, Rocky was pretty well my home! Geoff introduced himself and then asked if I wanted to sell him. I said no but do you know of a good panel beater around here. He very modestly said that he does a bit of panel work ..... I called him and he informed me that he is currently doing a kombi for another local!

"I dropped in to see the local guy today and I have now had a grin from ear to ear for the past two hours. I saw the Kombi he is doing up and am most impressed."

The results of all this work from soda-blasting, "cutting and pasting" through to the final paint work can be seen here.  Then the fitting out will be done by Chris. He even celebrated with a Kombi birthday cake!  There are even two other Kombis being scavenged a bit for clean metal!

"And what remains of the old rusty front...... The bottom panels are completely gone, only paint and bog was holding them together, the top part was only held together by silastic and paint!!! it is a wonder the windscreen stayed in there!!!! And the rest has enough areas of swiss cheese to warrant a replacement.

"Old floor - passenger side had a patch on a patch of flat steel, drivers side was swiss cheese - heading towards flintstones style...."

As you can see, the customer is satisfied with the transformation as the rust disappears and the paint hides the repairs.  Geoff is exhausted as usual!  Nice job!

Chris is enthroned on his front seat - just waiting for his Kombi!  He'll have the job of restoring the mechanical stuff - particularly the motor to match the bodywork before he can get started on touring.

See his web notes, all 7 pages so far:

This is a selection of pictures to give you an idea of the work done - click any image for a larger picture.

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