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Custom Design Body Works
Moke and Mini Specialist

The Moke at its Last Local Shows

The 2003 version of HotMoke did the rounds of a few shows - successfully too.
Geoff's Custom Design Body Works won its share of trophies.
The new paintwork in
Spray Chief  products made quite an impression!
Follow the history of the many restorations of this vehicle.

A Few Views at the 2003 Biggenden Auto Spectacular

This ain't rent-a-crowd neither! It's the real thing!! Still standin' TALL!! Luv my lid!

Mixing it with the big boys and girls, they still can't keep their hands off my body!!! Click for a larger image.

The Moke Stood TALL
at the 2003 Moke and Mini Muster at Cleveland on June 8th
(organized by the Mini Owners Club Inc. Queensland)
Click an image for a larger view 

Geoff on the left talks to Moke enthusiasts while others look on.  The new-look Moke was a very popular item all day.
Trophies won were 1st for Californian Moke, 1st for Body Presentation and 1st for  Best Modified Moke.  At the
end of the day, it was great to be awarded dual Car of the Show - shared with a spectacularly displayed Mini.
The Mini Owners Club outdid itself with the write-up in their magazine.  Join soon to see heaps of pictures and articles.  Here're a few of my highlights from the current magazine!  Hope it makes you rush out to join.  I even forgive them for not getting my name right!!  I ask you, Morean????  MORGAN!!

Congratulations to Cassie McQuilken for her half of the result!

Click a picture for a larger image

A Day Display at Bundy Early Holdens 2003

 Here we are with a 2-car display of Spray Chief  paint.  The Moke in its fifth incarnation, a true chameleon now, displays shades of Spray Chief  Shim'r.  The Pulsar is in Silver Metallic and Microflake.  The ring-in neighbour was too pretty to ignore - the Lancer is an excellent example of painting with Harlequin.  Spray Chief  have a similar product.

Click an image for a larger picture

This new sign reflects the details on the business card shown on the Home Page Geoff's Moke. Michelle Goldsworthy's '93 Pulsar and Scott McCurley's Lancer - all were to prove popular to the passers-by.
The Bonnet typifies the flames all over the body panels The Moke displays a range of Spray Chief  Shim'r colours.
The Spray Chief  products were captured by still and video  cameras as many people appreciated the vehicles  Even Geoff was nailed for a discussion or two.

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